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Understand the costs of a divorce trial

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2020 | Child Custody |

In some Mississippi divorces, couples will need to decide whether or not they need to go to court. This could be to settle custody or property division arrangements, but the costs are still the same no matter what. Before electing to go to court, the couple should be fully aware of the costs, both financial and otherwise.

While it is difficult to give a concrete estimate of the financial costs of a divorce case in court, just know that they can be considerable. Any time that there is a family law trial, there will be a hearing with associated fees from both the attorneys and the court. These can get expensive quickly. However, parties may be in a position where they are left with no choice but to incur the expenses.

In addition, a family law trial will also raise the tensions between the parties, and it could be difficult to ratchet them down when everything is concluded. This is important if the two parties need to work together afterward, which will be the case if they have children together. Furthermore, a divorce trial is also a stressful process from start to finish that can have psychological effects on the litigants. Nevertheless, for various reasons, one could decide that it’s worth it to bear these costs.

A family law attorney may explain the costs of a trial as well as the possible benefits. This could help the client make an informed decision as to how to proceed. Legal counsel might also point out the issues that could result from a trial that have nothing to do with financial costs so that the client understands the potential ramifications.