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Are mothers more likely to get primary custody in Mississippi?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2023 | Child Custody |

When Mississippi parents separate or divorce, they may not be able to agree on a custody arrangement for their minor children without court intervention. Understandably, both parents usually want to have as much time as possible with their kids. But work schedules, educational situations, and other circumstances often mean that kids will spend more time with one parent than the other. Some people assume that the mother will always be chosen to have primary custody, but this isn’t necessarily true.

How is a custody arrangement determined?

According to Mississippi state law, the court will take all matters into consideration to try to create a custody arrangement that works best for the children. The court presumes that both parents are equally entitled to custody. The court prefers to provide joint custody when both parents request it, and it is deemed the best scenario for the children. Parents who have a history of violence are unlikely to gain custody.

When determining custody the court considers the age, sex, and health of the child. Factors like employment status, mental well-being, and physical health of the parents can also be used to determine who gets custody. At the age of 12, children may be allowed to choose which parent they wish to live with under certain circumstances. 

Focus on the best interest of the children

Custody hearings can be very emotional for parents and it’s hard to step back from those emotions and focus only on what’s best for the children. But parents should remember that Mississippi child custody laws are in place to help children have the best outcome possible after the separation or divorce of their parents. Anyone dealing with child custody matters can benefit from speaking with a family law attorney to understand their rights and obligations.