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A breakdown of communication could take a toll on a marriage

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | Divorce |

It may come as no surprise that communication might be an essential component of almost any type of healthy relationship. Married couples in Mississippi who experience a breakdown in communication may struggle with various challenges, as similar issues could alter the very fabric of the relationship. Knowing some of the red flags that might indicate a breakdown in communication and understanding the impact this could have on one’s marriage may be vital to evaluating the situation and determining if divorce might be the healthiest path.

Red flags and potential concerns

According to studies, there may be a variety of signs that might indicate a breakdown of communication within a marriage. Examples of red flags may range anywhere from refusing to listen or remain engaged in discussions to constantly interrupting and speaking over one’s spouse. Stonewalling is an example of a type of behavior that might indicate a rift in a relationship and sometimes similar issues could also lead a person to exhibit defensive behaviors or to show signs of a lack of empathy towards the other party.

Studies indicate that a breakdown in communication can affect a marriage in numerous ways and could even bring a halt to the growth of a relationship. Similar issues could lead to feelings of resentment or cause one to focus on the flaws of another and may lead to a general disconnect that could harm the well-being of a marriage. Those who encounter similar issues may also be at greater risk of experiencing high levels of stress that could increase the risks of struggling with mental health concerns such as low self-esteem and depression.

Protecting one’s well-being

Lack of communication is just one example of an issue that could create a rift within a marriage and leave a person wondering if divorce is the best path to protect his or her well-being. However, it might not always be easy to tell what is best for one’s future and those in search of advice in evaluating their situations could benefit from consulting with a family law attorney for advice. An attorney in Mississippi can help evaluate a client’s concerns and needs, provide insight into making informed choices about the situation, and assist in preparing a strategy to safeguard his or her future through the proper channels.