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Filing For A Divorce Over The Age Of 50 In Ocean Springs

As life expectancy increases, so does the likelihood of marriages experiencing new challenges in the later stages of life. Financial strains, changing priorities and evolving individual identities are just a few contributing factors.

I am attorney Rita Nahlik Silin, and I have been offering personalized legal services to clients throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast region since 2007. As the founder of Silin Law Firm PLLC and a gray divorce attorney in Ocean Springs, I have the necessary knowledge and experience to guide you through your divorce after 50.

Common Considerations That A Gray Divorce Attorney Can Help With

The focus of a gray divorce is different than the focus of a divorce while you are younger. Over the course of your marriage, you may have acquired many more assets and commingled separate property with marital property. You may also be concerned about sentimental items that are difficult to value and how your divorce will ultimately affect your children’s and grandchildren’s inheritances.

Silin Law Firm PLLC can ensure you make informed decisions and safeguard your rights.

Understanding The Nuances Of Division Of Assets In Old Age

Separation of assets in a gray divorce entails various nuances that must be addressed to facilitate a successful divorce process. They include:

  • Spousal support/alimony: This is often influenced by the length of the marriage, the financial disparity between spouses and each partner’s ability to support themselves.
  • Retirement accounts: Retirement accounts like 401(k)s and pensions are subject to division as per the QDROs agreement.
  • Health insurance: The spouse without health coverage might be eligible for continued coverage for a limited period.
  • Investment and asset division: Equitable distribution guides the division of assets.

During asset division, the couple may also need to consider how their divorce will affect Social Security and Medicare entitlements.

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