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Child custody and topics to address when seeking to relocate

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2021 | Child Custody |

There are a variety of scenarios in which a person in Mississippi or elsewhere might face a desire or need to relocate to a new area. While one may only need to cover issues such as finding new living arrangements and moving belongings in some cases, those with an existing child custody agreement in place might not always find the process so simple. Individuals who are seeking to relocate under similar circumstances could benefit from knowing what factors to address when facing a similar life change.

Experts assert that there are a variety of topics to address when seeking to relocate under similar scenarios, some of which could include:

  • Motivations involved: During court proceedings, the court may inquire about the motivations behind the proposed move, and this reason could play a significant role in the process.
  • Interests of the kids: The court will also inquire about how the move will affect the lives and routines of the children, and the interests of the kids will remain a priority.
  • Impact on visitation: It may also be vital to address the topic of how the move will affect current visitation schedules and of the possibility of restructuring the arrangement in a way that meets the needs of all parties involved should it prove necessary.
  • Encountering resistance: One’s ability to cooperate and negotiate with the other parent could also be integral, as this process could prove more complex should the other parent stand in opposition of the move. 

In some cases, the distance of the proposed move and any financial hardships that it could bring may also have an influence on the outcome of the situation.

Individuals in Mississippi who face a need to relocate but remain uncertain of how best to seek the necessary modifications to a child custody agreement could benefit from seeking advice early in the process. A family law attorney can address the circumstances a person is facing and assist him or her in covering every vital aspect involved. Such advice could prove vital to helping place a person in a better position to pursue the best outcome achievable concerning his or her needs and the futures of the kids.